This series of pieces, made in silver and gold plated silver, is the result of playing around with crumpled and creased paper and my interest in ancient jewellery, such as you'd see in the British Museum. I like the thin quality that so much of that jewellery has. Often the result of being buried in some secret hoard - it will be delicate, papery and squashed.

A necklace of gold plated silver tubes - wrapped, crumpled and squashed.

Necklaces - textured, formed tubes of gold plated silver with oxidised silver chain and silver.

Bracelets - textured, formed and riveted. Gold plated silver and silver.

Earrings - textured, formed, riveted.  silver and gold plated silver.

     Earrings - textured, formed, riveted. Oxidised silver.

                                                                                   cuff-links - gold plated silver                                      

Rings - silver,oxidised silver and gold plated silver

Rings - silver, oxidised silver and gold plated silver

Earrings - silver, oxidised silver and gold plated silver.